Find the best sewing machine for kids

May is National Sewing Month in Australia which aims to promote community awareness on the rewards of sewing. If you are looking for a fresh idea to keep young hands busy, sewing is a satisfying activity that provides many benefits for children. It helps build their self-confidence, improves dexterity & hand-to-eye coordination skills and promotes creativity. Sewing can make your kids become independent when they start making things that they need such as clothes for dolls, their own art projects or a new personalised shirt. There are plenty of things they can create or mend. This teaches the kiddies that as well as having tons of fun on new projects, it is also possible to fix or re-purpose stuff, save money and contribute to saving the planet.

To make sewing fun and interesting for children, it is important to buy a sewing machine that fits their skills and capability. There are literally thousands of models and brand out there that will make it difficult to make a choice. You should look at features that will make it easy for kids to sew immediately. These include automatic threaders, large dials and several selections of stitches. For an informed decision, read this guide on choosing the most appropriate sewing machines for children.

(Contributor:  Sally Perkins)