Getting your sewing group organised for 2016!

All neighbourhood sewing groups in the Australian Sewing Guild meet regularly... but does your group have a plan for 2016?

Annual (or semi-annual) planning by groups is encouraged. The planning process provides a great opportunity to reflect on what you loved (or would change) about the meetings you held in the last year, and to define your group's goals for the next year!

The Foothills Sew'n'Sews who meet in Kenwick, Western Australia, are just one ASG neighbourhood group which plans its meetings for the year in advance. The Foothills Sew'n'Sews have kindly shared a copy of their 2016 schedule to assist/inspire other groups:

Important: If you're interested in joining the Foothills Sew'n'Sews, or attending one of their scheduled meets, it's imperative that you get in touch with the group first. That way the group can plan accordingly for the number of attendees at each meet.

More information about the ASG (including how to join) is available on the ASG website
To find a sewing group in your area, visit the Find Us page on the ASG website