Guild members supporting the Boomerang Bags movement

Recently Kath Truran (co-ordinator of the Geelong Neighbourhood Group of the ASG) wrote to share about her recent involvement in the Boomerang Bags movement. 

What are Boomerang Bags?

Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community driven movement  tackling plastic pollution at its source.

Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

The bags create a platform to start conversations, make friends, up-cycle materials and work towards shifting society’s throw away mentality to a more sustainable revolution of re-use – one community, needle and thread at a time!

On her involvement, Kath shared with the Guild: "I am in the very fortunate position of being involved with my local Neighbourhood Group in Leopold Victoria. This group does some wonderful community based things.  One of our current projects is making Boomerang Bags for use by shopkeepers in our local community to try to eliminate the use of plastic. The group involved is young committed and vibrant. It's a joy to work alongside ping women and their lovely little children who keep us amused and entertained as we work. Sewing is always a joy, but even more so when shared with such a group."

Since kicking off their involvement in the Boomerang Bag movement, Kath and her group have already had to move to a larger venue! The following pictures are from the group's second workshop in their local (and larger) neighbourhood centre.

Congratulations Kath and friends!