Jingle Belles! Sew Sensational Sequins this Festive Season!

We suggest sequins!! Yes, sequins!! Take a look at what the stores are doing....gold, silver & all things shiny! If nothing else, a pair of sequined slippers for Christmas morning! Shoes are metallic, gold & silver this year. Shiny is everywhere. I'm not suggesting a tweak to necklines or lapels, no no no! I'm saying solid, metallic, sequin-ing! And there are so many, wonderful, creative ways to sequin....
Consider sequins if you intend to make something to wear that is really of the moment (& let's talk girl to girl here, you can safely go a little OTT on Christmas day/night or at those pre Christmas parties and gatherings!). So go ahead and create something to wear that speaks of the current trends but works for all ages, styles and body shapes. Or make and give something sequined as a gift that totally wows the lucky recipient. 
Sequins, shiny sequins do say 'fun times' at Christmas, see our photos and links for shiny inspiration!
Oh & me? I'll be making a spangly skirt, maybe the one with sequined hem. Oh and I'm dying to wear it!

Pencil skirts are always classy and this silver sequin one from Delia Creates is no exception.

For big impact and wear-ability (no sitting on scratchy sequins), why not try a sequin fronted dress? This one from Merricks Art is a refashion but could easily be made from scratch.

This sequin maxi from Mimi G is perfect for all your after 5 needs. It could even be more casual with the right top.

If a sequin skirt or dress is a bit too much sparkle, how about this sequin cardi from The Sewing Rabbit?

Or maybe an elegant bolero to finish off  your fave LBD? Try this one from Anna Evers.

For just a kiss of sparkly goodness, why not embellish a plain skirt, like this one from Dare I DIY?

Or add some strategic spangle to a top or cardi. This version is from Brit & Co.

And if you really can't bear to wear your sequins, why not try this clutch from Sweet Verbena?

All of these link to patterns, tutorials and how to's but sewing with sequins has it's challenges. If sewing sequins is new to you, you might find these guides helpful. There's guides from Melly Sews, Poppykettle, Shop The Garment District and Burda Style.

I know what you're thinking.....Sequins are all well and good but how do I wear them without looking like a Christmas tree? We have you covered there too! These guides from All Women, Glitter Guide, Glamour and Cosmopolitan give you the low down on wearing sequins. Everyone (regardless of age, body type or personal style) can wear a bit of bling! Just keep things simple and let the sequins do all of the shiny! Unexpected casual mis matches (like the Mimi G skirt paired with a casual tank) work well but a simple camisole top would work just as well. Sequins do the heavy lifting, allowing you to be free of costume jewelry and frou frou shoes. We all know the festive season goes hand in hand with shiny but a sequin garment can be fab at any celebration, all year round!

If you make a special, sequined, seasonal something - we'd love to see it! Post it to Facebook, email it to marketing@aussew.org.au or share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #asgmember.