Let’s talk thread

Thread’s thread, right? It would amaze you what a difference poor quality sewing thread can make to your sewing machine – from bad tension to skipped stitches, even a noisier bobbin case.  At a glance, all threads look the same, but there is actually a big difference.  Budget thread is often spun loosely and prone to stretching. This means that as the thread makes the quick and intricate journey around your bobbin case to form a stitch, it will stretch rather than travel, so when it’s time to connect with the needle thread, it’s in the wrong place and your stitch is skipped.  Similarly, tensions are affected, as are stitch lengths. Another big problem with thread is age – if your thread is dusty, it’s going to break as you sew, and if you have some cherished Coats thread from the war, keep it as a keep-sake.  It’s too old to sew with now.  Many, many times sewing machine technicians have helped customers who are at their wits end, having spent hours at home trying to diagnose what’s wrong with their machine, when all that they needed to do was upgrade their thread.  In fact, more often than not the suggestion that thread is the cause is met with some scepticism - until a re-thread is done and the results change right in front of delighted customers’ eyes.  To spot a good quality thread, look for a manufacturer’s name, thread colour codes and yardage stamped on the spool. Sure, they will cost a little more, but given how much time, love and hard work has gone into your project, the few dollars difference is totally worth it!

Penny – Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs (ASG Industry Partner)