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Autumn Sewing Celebration - March 2021

15 Feb 2021 11:07 AM | Louise Sparrow (Administrator)

A Covid-safe sewing day.  Listen to, and interact with, 14 presenters on a wide range of topics. One fee gives you access to all presenters.  Every presentation is recorded and will be available for viewing for 6 months after the event.  Register on our EVENTS page.

Learn more about each presenter and what he/she will be talking about...

Two Sewing Sisters - Lauren & Erin Ritchie

Lauren and Erin have a passion for dressing and making new garments for special occasions.  Growing up in regional Victoria, Erin and Lauren spent hours in their Nan’s sewing room: cutting out patterns, sewing, and playing dress ups in the hundreds of dresses Nan made for their family.


In-House Patterns - Alexandra Morgan

Three Ways to Determine Your Cup Size

The Armhole/Sleeve Connection: How to Determine Sleeve Fit Before You Sew


Pete Sews - Pete Trimble

Pete will show the process of creating a Bespoke Heirloom - a garment that incorporates an existing sentimental item.  He will explain how the concept develops with the client and how he works to design and create this truly special, sentimental garment. Some of the sewing will be shown along with design and finishing techniques. 


Pattern Union - Sarah Pondevie

Sarah and Sue Stoney will talking about fit issues for home sewists and how Sarah tries to resolve them as a designer.  


Linda's Lingerie - Linda Jobson
Perfect Again - Julie Brand

Bras are meant to support your shape and size. Getting the right bras is a faster and more accurate process with Linda’s years of experience.


Draft  T Studio - Trish Hargrave

Create Custom Fit Block Patterns in Minutes

The presentation will provide an introduction to The Pattern Drafter ruler with a brief tour of the features of the ruler, the use of simple measurements and a demonstration of the drawing of a front dress block.


Brooke McHiggins

Sewing Vintage, Retro and Repro - A Look at Modern Vintage Sewing

Vintage is for everyone! Brooke's presentation will focus on giving people confidence in tackling vintage patterns and playing with elements of retro style. 


Sew Into Overlocking - Kate Marra

Kate's presentation will give an in depth look at a variety of overlocking stitches, how to achieve them and where to use them.  There will be lots of samples to inspire you to extend your overlocking repertoire.


Alice Irvine

How to hack! Principles of customising sewing patterns

This will be a presentation guiding viewers through the principles of hacking.  Lots of sewists have ideas for slightly altering a pattern but find the thought of it too daunting to try, while others just don’t realise the potential hidden within many designs!


Jennifer Mancuso

Jennifer presents useful and universal tips and tricks to defining your style. 


Liz Haywood

Exploring Zero Waste Patterns

What is a zero waste pattern?
What's so great about zero waste patterns?
How do we design this way?


Sew Organised Style Podcasts - Maria Theoharous

With the pandemic forcing us, in many countries, to self-isolate at home, Maria’s  podcast became a way to keep people engaged.


Pam Holland

My Life Journals in Textiles

A textile blueprint as a career for the past 60 years has imparted a lifetime appreciation of fabrics.  Pam began her career as a photographer and fashion designer.  


Purple Sewing Cloud - Samantha

Sewing with disabilities/chronic health

Samantha will give insights into sewing with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, and some of the tools and techniques she uses.  


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