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Dreams to Reality

5 Feb 2020 10:39 AM | Deleted user

Meet Robyn Bauer, from Robyn's Learn to Sew Studio in Cairns

Robyn is a valued Industry Partner and she shares her story with us.

I was guided and encouraged in my love of sewing from a very early age.  The more interest I showed, the more willing others were to encourage and assist me in my endeavours.  I wanted to be a teacher when I was at primary school but that wasn’t to be, so I followed my passion which is sewing.

My introduction to a sewing machine was in Year 4.  We were set a project of hand stitching a cushion with the final goal, using the sewing machine. I was hooked, completing the terms assessment in a week.

At 15, I worked sewing caftans and wrap skirts. I moved on to covering cushions and bed ends, then covering lounges in local naval vessels.

I joined Bernina club and purchased an overlocker which opened up the window for me to teach applique.

A family tragedy led me to seek a confidence boost by assisting a designer and learning new skills with fit and pattern making.

I went to TAFE and joined the Australian Sewing Guild, which has given me so much in knowledge growth. The friendship from like-minded people and camaraderie is second to none.

Some memorable moments for me were meeting and hosting Connie Crawford in Cairns, and being part of the team which hosted the 2016 ASG Convention.

I look back at the goal I had as an 8-year old, wishing to be a teacher. I have achieved that, but not in the way I thought, with black board and chalk.  Instead, but much better, teaching with thread, fabric and the interwoven love of sewing and sharing that skill.

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