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Celebrating the Sewing Community

20 Jun 2020 10:02 AM | Louise Sparrow (Administrator)

Megan Nielsen (ASG Industry Partner) shares her love of the sewing community in a blog series celebrating 10 amazing makers.

Earlier this year, before our way of life was turned a little upside down, I was lucky enough to make a long-held dream come to life. We held a two-day photoshoot– to celebrate the sewing community and encourage involvement in person and online.

Though we’ve been physically distant in the past few months this is not the time to pull away from our communities. More than ever we need to be connected and involved as much as we can. We need to be showing care and consideration for each other.

I love the sewing community. This special corner of the world is so full of love and encouragement and mutual respect. The sewing community changed the course of my life and has personally brought me so much joy and fulfilment and introduced me to so many dear friends. Where would I be without all of you?

Creating this blog series of incredible makers is my celebration of community and my call to engage more than ever with each other online, through social media, video chats, messages, packages dropped at doors and random deliveries – any way we can.


Let’s build each other up! Let’s shout encouragement and love from our rooftops! I’ve seen so many hashtags on social media shared to encourage sewing community connection on Instagram – jump on board and do it! Reach out and make new friends! Let’s make awesome things and show each other!

We have profiles of 10 amazing people from my local sewing community on our blog, giving you a little insight into their sewing worlds and lives. They very graciously agreed to be part of this special project and I’m so proud and excited to introduce them to you all, not to mention show you their incredible outfits!

This project has a very special place in our hearts and I hope you enjoy this community series as much as we have enjoyed creating it!!

Megan Nielsen

Photographer: Bronnie Joel


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