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Social Sewing Groups

A Social Sewing Group consists of ASG members who are accessible to each other by distance and who meet regularly to sew and learn from each other. Sharing of knowledge is the key to Group meetings, its main purpose being to encourage sewing in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Each Group has a nominated coordinator who is the contact person for existing members and non-members who would like to know more.

A Group may belong to a Region or it may exist independently of a Region.


The main purpose of a Region is to co-ordinate and support the Social Sewing Groups within a defined area. Working as a larger body, the Region can hold special events and facilitate interaction between Groups in the region.

A Region Liaison is appointed to oversee the activities of the region. Additional members may be appointed as treasurer, newsletter editor, or other positions as, and if, required.

National Board

The National Board of Directors guides the direction of the Guild, taking into consideration the members' wishes. The positions held on the National Board are voluntary and are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The current Directors are listed in each monthly newsletter and on the members' Contacts Directory page.

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