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Classic White Shirt

Make this classic white shirt ...or any other colour/print you choose. Every wardrobe needs one of these. StyleARC pattern Crystal Over-shirt is a great design for this classic garment. It features the flattering asymmetrical hem, on-trend back button detail, three-quarter sleeves, and an optional side loop and button to create a side seam drape. Another plus is the generous wearing ease that makes it oh-so-comfortable.

Techniques you will learn in this Sew-Along:

  • how to adjust the position of your bust dart (raise or lower it
  • how to adjust for a full bust
  • mastering the tab front opening
  • how to sew the classic shirt collar with separate collar stand, including a bonus video on how to create a new 'easy-to-sew' collar stand. Learn how to achieve perfect points on your collar.
  • interfacing techniques for the collar
  • how to mitre hem corners for that professional look
  • tips for buttonholes and attaching buttons 
Lots of things to learn. Your pattern can be purchased from StyleARC

More about the pattern and choosing a size

StyleARC pattern sizing is not the same as other commercial patterns - we think their sizing more realistically reflects the shape of women today. Please check their size chart. The Crystal Over-shirt has generous wearing ease. However, if you have a full bust (D cup or larger) I recommend you take your high bust measurement rather than full bust measurement. That means you measure above the fullest part of the bust - your tape measure should be across your shoulder blades in the back and then angled up to be snug under your arms and across your chest (above the bust). Treat this measurement as your full bust when deciding what size to buy.

Example: Your full bust measurement is 119 cm (47 inches) and your high bust measurement is 112 cm (44 inches). You would buy a size 18 pattern which is sized for a 112 cm (44 inch) bust.

You will learn how to adjust the pattern to add extra fullness at the apex of the bust, while keeping the area from shoulder to bust apex fitting correctly. CHOOSING YOUR FABRIC This pattern looks great as the classic white shirt but feel free to use any colour you wish, or opt for a print if that's what pushes your buttons. Just keep the fabric soft - silk, crepe, or soft shirting fabric like Japanese cotton.  It's a loose fitting shirt so if you use a crisp fabric it will end up looking like a tent.


  • StyleArc pattern
  • Fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Buttons
  • Machine needle - Universal 80/12
  • Grid ruler marked in inches (6" ruler is big enough)

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